Letter #7

Dear Reader,

Much time has passed since my last entry. I am regularly lifted out of my territory to explore the New Place and am becoming quite familiar with all the climbs it offers. After some deep thought, I have decided that all Climbing Things fit into three categories. There are the things that can be climbed while the Pets nearby. There are things that can be climbed when they are nowhere around (a big paw descends and grabs me when I am on one of these). And, there are things that should be explored while the Pets are close by. One of these is called the wastebasket; by means of shelves, I am often able to pull myself up so I am balanced on its rim. Alas, I almost always fall in. Then I have to rustle loudly so that Sweetie will lift me out. The Pets have their uses besides supplying food.

I have trained Sweetie to wait patiently for me to get ready to leave home. If I have just woken up, I s-t-r-e-t-c-h, groom myself, and then check out my territory to see whether anything has happened that I need to know about. Then I keep her waiting while I disappear around the corner to use my sand box - and finally I am ready to climb into her hand.

I've found several good places to hide in the New Place, although one of my favorites - a long narrow passage - was blocked off by a wall that suddenly appeared. I tried to shove it over but had no luck.

Did you know that if you are very, very quiet, it is much harder for someone to locate you? Whenever Sweetie sings out, "Time to go home now," I freeze. It takes her forever to find me.

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