Letter #8

Dear Reader,

Sometimes the Pets lose their heads over the most ridiculous things. We have just had an Incident with Unfortunate Results. What had happened was this: I found that by standing on a log, I could hoist myself over the wall that divides Sammy's territory from mine. So I climbed over, dropped down, and headed for his food bowl. Now, it may have appeared that I had attacked Sammy - because he had squealed and rolled over on his back However, what really happened was that I tripped over him on my way to the bowl, and he got hysterical. His squeaks brought in Hun, who leaped to the Wrong Conclusion, although it should have been obvious to anyone with even the mentality of a parakeet that I was interested only in filling my pouches and not in Sammy.

Sigh. As an immediate consequence, my log was moved away from the wall. The next day, I found my territory entirely roofed by wire mesh. I explored it thoroughly and found no openings. This is a great pity because I had just figured out that by standing on the edge of my sand bowl, I might be able to pull myself up so that I could venture into the New Place without help from the Pets.

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