Letter #6

Dear Reader,

Ah, Sweetie has created a new sanitary improvement in my part of the run. Previously, there was a large container of sand in my territory. She must have thought that I would use it as Sammy used it, to take squirmy sand baths. Ugh! I keep myself clean in a respectable way. When I wake from a nap, I thoroughly groom myself from whiskers to tail, and I always lick my paws before I eat.

Of course, when the sand first appeared, I tried digging down but soon hit bottom. So, I ignored it unless I was feeling agitated.

Let me just pass on this tip.... when you are upset, try digging vigorously. It is wonderfully calming. If you don't have sand, then find some paper to bite.

Anyway, it wasn't long before I thought of a better use for the sand. At first Sweetie seemed a little unhappy at the use I made of it, but I persisted until she got the idea. I now have a small sand container behind privacy wall, since I have always preferred doing certain things out of the public eye! Sweetie also provides me with fresh sand regularly. (It's a very finely sifted sand, as I have a tender heinie.) She is really quite smart for a Pet.

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