Letter #2

Days later...

Dear Reader,

The BHOs have names. The one with the deep voice is Hun and the other is Sweetie.

This evening, Sweetie crouched beyond protective wall. She seems to know my thoughts, although I am not sure whether she is being sympathetic or devious as a Cat. "See. I'm eating an apple. I don't eat Hamsters."

She dropped a piece of the apple on the floor of my tower. If she thought she would lure me out, she was mistaken. I raised one paw and hooked it into the tube where I was resting.

Hun said, "I thought you weren't going to give this one anything but lab blocks?"

"She's scared to come out of the tube. I thought I could tempt her out."

Hmmph. I was NOT in the tube because I was scared. I was in the tube because that's where I happened to want to be just then.

Several naps later...

Perhaps my BHOs really are harmless. Sweetie has been trying to ingratiate herself by adding a new kind of dry food to my lab blocks. I discovered that if I eat only the tasty parts, she will give me more, without it being necessary for me to eat the rest. It has little green cylinders in it that were known around the Pet Shop as Frog Doodie. They are supposed to be horrid; however, generations of Hamsters have lived and died without actually tasting one.


Where do my BHOs go when they are not here? I intend to find out. I believe that I can jump from my tower into their territory. I have been trying to do that all evening but have been thwarted by Sweetie. Each time I manage to hoist myself over the tower ramparts, I find myself jumping into her big paw.

"You're going to break your stupid Hamster neck if you keep that up!"

Note to myself: Find out what a neck is. I don't believe I have one.

As soon as she leaves, I intend to climb over the edge and jump over to wherever it is that she doesn't want me to go to.

Later. . .

Jumping from the tower got me nowhere new. My nose hurts.

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